Rotherhithe Wallpaper Workshop

This drop-in activity is open to all during opening hours

Please come and contribute to our ever-growing wallpaper with your thoughts, feelings, memories and suggestions about Rotherhithe and this development. The wallpaper will be hung on the walls of the Rotherhithe Public Living Room over the course of the project for all to see and share their thoughts.

The Café of Lost and Found Memories

Every Sunday until 8 December, 11am – 1pm Open to all but please register interest by email with Carlotta@publicworksgroup.net stating which session(s) you are most interested in

Rotherhithe is an area full of history and memories. Most of them are connected to the rich dockland history, some trace back to the times when this area was at the core of ship building industry in London, other memories cross countries and seas, whilst some speak about settlements and working-class heroes. Some histories are more hidden, unspoken, emerging from the life of the families who made Rotherhithe across the centuries.

The Café of Lost and Found Memories will be a temporary community cafe designed to map these memories, celebrate those in common and discuss their role in the local community.

Every Sunday a new “story inspired recipe” will be served at the cafe along with tea and coffee, and this will facilitate an informal conversation around the subject of the day. There will be 8 cafe sessions and each will have a historical theme relating to Rotherhithe. All food and drink served is free. We will provide halal, and vegan alternatives. See below for further information.

Come along, have some food, and a hot drink, and share with the other diners your stories, past memories and future hopes.

Sunday, 13 October
Foraging in Rotherhithe: biodiversity inspired bakes and teas

Sunday, 20 October
Shells in the nets: collecting tales from the docks

Sunday, 27 October
The Nordic Connection: berries and jams from not too far away lands

Sunday, 3 November
From the Mayflower until now: histories of migration and flavours from the world

Sunday, 10 November
Gas-holder stories: an “inflatable” Sunday breakfast

Sunday, 17 November
“The cultivation of flowers and trees is a civic duty”: Ada Salter and all edible flowers

Sunday, 24 November
Brunel bricks: baked engineered treats to talk about transport connections

Sunday, 1 December
Tasting Albion street: recipes from local business and places

Join us for an afternoon of food, workshops and talks about Albion Street, its history and development. We will be celebrating Rotherhithe’s main high-street through a Sunday Tea session where we will serve dishes inspired by some of the businesses and organisations which have been shaping this small but thriving segment of Rotherhithe for years.

On the day we will be making beautiful autumn flower compositions, we will learn how to reduce stress through every day activities, and we will taste some delicious food especially created for this event by local Albion Street businesses in collaboration with a food designer from public works.

Sunday, 8 December
The closing day will have a specially designed menu celebrating all the stories that you have shared with us